French Association describe as a cowardly hostile escalation of Trump against Cuba.

Paris: The Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) association described as cowardly and shameful the new measures of the US president, Donald Trump, to intensify the blockade against the Island, which he framed in the tense northern pre-electoral scenario, Prensa Latina publishes.

In its weekly publication La Lettre électronique Hebdo (weekly electronic bulletin), the organization, founded in 1995, repudiates the impact of the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial siege on the Cuban population, in sectors such as food, medicine and daily life. .

Despite the courageous decisions of the authorities of the largest of the Antilles to minimize the effects, Trump’s measures aimed at tightening the blockade exacerbate the situation, he underlines.

Just weeks before the US presidential elections, he warns, we see a crusade that tries to subdue Cuba by suffocation, with its sights on the voters of Florida, a key state in the November 3 elections.

The association, enrolled in projects to support the socio-economic development of the Island, points out that the blockade and its electoral resurgence do not cause famine as its promoters would like, although they do cause enormous difficulties.

Faced with these actions, friends of Cuba, or simply humanists, often ask ourselves: What can we do? And the answer is to go beyond words, with positions such as reinforcing solidarity and active cooperation in the face of aggressiveness. Trump, CubaCoop says.

According to the publication, aimed at bringing the French closer to the reality of the Caribbean country, the organization will promote projects related to food security.

CubaCoop highlights in its weekly text the registration by the World Peace Council of the candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize of the Henry Reeve Cuban medical brigades that fight Covid-19 around the world.

In this regard, it recalls that together with France Cuba, Cuba Linda and Cuba Si, France promotes an initiative in favor of the request to recognize with the Nobel the health professionals who carry solidarity for the planet, a proposal supported by the president of the France-Cuba Friendship Group in the National Assembly, the deputy François-Michel Lambert.

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