Mayabeque, Cuba: The fight against child violence is one of the issues addressed by psychology specialists and the Social Care Centers in the municipality of San Nicolás.

According to the psychologists Sianelys Martínez and Elvira León, one of the most frequent phenomena of this nature suffered by adolescents at this stage is the emotional one, demonstrated from the imposition of others towards them, both parents, teachers and friends.

Despite the fact that no case of physical violence has been reported in the Nicaraguan locality during the last five years, this typology is not ruled out, since many are silenced due to fear and pressure exerted by abusive actors.

During the talks and debates, the professionals dialogue with children and young people about their daily life, as well as the family and school environment, among other psychosocial issues.

According to the specialists, it is necessary to continue communication regarding the issue of child abuse with young adolescents, since only they can control that the phenomenon becomes more extensive.

Asarys Posada

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