Mayabeque, Cuba: The cry best received from a child is the one that comes out spontaneously, just born, as an expression of vitality, as a sign of welcome to life.

To enjoy this beautiful moment of complicity between the mother, the baby and the health professionals, careful attention is required during the gestation period.

Doctors, nursing staff and technicians linked to the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI) in Mayabeque, a territory that today exhibits the best results of the last three years, dedicate themselves to this effort.

According to the head of this program in the demarcation, Beatríz Rivero Falcón, infant mortality has a favorable behavior in relation to previous years, especially 2018, which was the one with the worst results in the province, and nine deaths less than in 2019 , with a rate of 2.4.

The head of PAMI also referred to the behavior of maternal mortality: “In the first quarter of the year we had two deaths, unlike the previous calendar, when we had no deaths. From then on, we took educational and organizational measures, which brought with it a decrease in morbidity in the second quarter ”.

Arlenis Silva Díaz

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