Moscow: Russia today registered a record of 19 thousand 768 new cases of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic, to add one million 693 thousand 454 infected, according to the capital’s television, Prensa Latina publishes.

Thus, the daily growth rate rose to 1.2 percent, reported the operational staff to combat this disease.

The death toll was also in a new line, now reaching 29,217, after the death of 389 people in one day, one of the highest numbers in that period since the start of the pandemic last March. This increased the fatality rate to 1.73 percent.

The total of deaths mentioned in one day includes 68 in this city, 66 in Saint Petersburg, 15 in the Rostov province, while with 14 in Nizhegorod and Voronezh, and 13 in Moscow. Another 49 Russian regions reported fewer than 12 fatal cases per capita.

During the last 24 hours, 15,567 patients left hospitals, one of the highest numbers during the pandemic, which adds up to 1,266,931 medical discharges, for a recovery rate of 74.8 percent.

The capital city mayor reported on 5,826 infected in one day, for a total of 362,590, while 3,853 people exceeded the aforementioned disease in that time, for a total of 325,531, which leads here to an index recovery of 89.77 percent.

In addition, 527 patients in St. Petersburg, 422 in Moscow province, 407 in Voronezh, 298 in Rostov and 288 in Saratov province surpassed the ailment.

Covid-19 added 1,131 positive cases in Saint Petersburg, a new record for that city since the start of the pandemic, 569 in the Moscow province, 417 in Nizhegorod and 309 in the Arjanguelsk province. (BSH)

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