Act of Declaration of Cuba Free of Illiteracy.

Mayabeque, Cuba: On November 5, 1961, a modest town in southern Cuba became history for being the first in the country and in Latin America to proclaim itself as the first territory free of illiteracy, thanks to the prowess of an armed army with pencils, sheets and lantern mostly almost children.

As every year on this date Melena del Sur celebrates the important anniversary. Today, in the middle of the current period of normality under different conditions.

According to the director of education in the territory, Yurien Oliva Valdés, the actions have gone hand in hand with the local and national anniversary, complying with the main health indicators in all centers, based on the approved budget for all educational institutions.

“We are working on the repair of the hydro-sanitary installation, the hydraulic part, to comply with everything that the health department requires at this time. The situation with the coverage is favorable compared to previous courses, which will contribute to the quality of the educational teaching process”, the director of education stated.

Almost at the entrance of the town, a poster with bright colors announces 5 de Noviembre Primary School. It is the message to the travelers who have before their eyes the pride of the locals for their history that also beats within the walls of the school institution.

For its young director Yanuaris Cuevas Álvarez, her work is a challenge but is motivated by Marti’s conviction that guided those beardless brigade members that by coming to earth, man has the right to be educated and then in return contribute to the education of the others.

November 5th is a very important date not only for Melena del Sur but for all of Latin America. For me it is a challenge because despite my age I lead a very young teaching staff. Four of them are recent graduates of the Pedro Albizu Campos pedagogical school and we try to perfect the methodological work in order to raise the quality of these teachers”, the director explained.

Melena del Sur celebrates today the pride of being the protagonist of a feat that set standards in the continent and filled the young Revolution with prestige. It was a story written by the humble men and women of our country, Fidel would affirm.

The greatness of it was immortalized in the verses of the Naborí Indian: “Of that flourishing Cuba / of that bearded man from the East /, who from the plains to the mountains / lets me sow the land / and even sows my mind!”.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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