With these new 4000 hectares, the agricultural sector will cover the production of viands, vegetables, vegetables and fruit trees.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In the current cold season, the agricultural sector of Mayabeque will expand the production from the exploitation of an additional 4000 hectares of land, according to the general secretary of the provincial union of agricultural and forestry workers Ariannis Orduñes Delgado.

“As a strategy in the cold season with the growth of those 4000 hectares we will cover the production of food, vegetables and fruit trees to also increase production in the province and more than two million inhabitants of the Cuban capital”, she added.

The general secretary of that union specified that the call is to discipline, efficiency and productivity in each job, always remembering that we have plans to fulfill and the commitment and responsibility to the people to increase all agricultural productions.

Arlenis Silva Díaz

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