Tropical storm Eta tilted its course to the east northeast.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Although it dawned without rain and the sky was lightly cloudy, the proximity to Cuba, of tropical storm Eta, sets off the alarms of the Municipal Defense Council in Jaruco.

Since this November 6, the working groups headed by the directors of entities, companies and state departments have been deployed to verify that human lives and material resources are safeguarded in all popular councils.

According to the Vice President of the Defense Council of Barcelona, ​​Lismey Rodríguez Michelena, they are preparing the five evacuation centers and evaluating the availability of chlorine in the sources of water supply and diesel in the generators.

In addition, they maintain vital services in the retail network and prioritize the distribution of the basic basket and the production of bread.

The also President of the Assembly of the People’s Power of Jaruco, Rodríguez Michelena, pointed out that the reservoirs are being monitored, two of them currently pouring, while the Jaruco Dam is at 85 percent of its filling capacity.

The health authorities guarantee the human and material resources essential for the care in the medical posts and the Guard Corps of the Noelio Capote Polyclinic, the manager stressed.

Staying informed and collaborating with the fulfillment of the dictated measures is essential to minimize the possible effects of Eta, he emphasized.

Marlene Caboverde

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