Exit of the Jibacoa River to the sea.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The President of the Municipal Defense Council in Santa Cruz del Norte, Soel Sánchez Martín, said that they have acted in order to protect citizens who reside in settlements located downstream of reservoirs and those that converge in the estuary of the Jibacoa River and its exit to the sea.

“We have also planned, if necessary, the evacuation of the residents of Canasí, especially due to the proximity of the dam of the same name”, Sánchez Martín said.

 In the neighborhood El Machete, severely punished by the penetration of the sea when Hurricane Irma, families whose homes are very close to the coastline were evacuated and constant vigilance will be maintained over that area.

In Santa Cruz del Norte they have 8 evacuation centers with all the conditions created. The Manuel Sanguily, Juan Manuel Márquez schools, located in Boca de Jaruco, Camilo Cienfuegos, the mixed school belonging to Valle Elena, and the Antonio Maceo and Javier Valdés schools in Canasí will welcome citizensif necessary.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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