Unidad Empresarial de Base Boris Luis Santa Coloma, de Madruga.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Sugar workers in Madruga create the conditions for the coming sugar harvest, despite the weather irregularities as a result of Eta’s passage through the seas north of the Cuban West.

The workforces of the Boris Luis Santa Coloma Base Business Unit (UEB) of the territory are preparing for the grinding test on November 16.

According to the head of machinery in the entity, Sonia Montes de Oca, there is a schedule that includes 94 to 100 percent of the teams for the total enlistment of the plant 10 days before the start.

There are still days of repairs left, a stage during which they carry out important work in all areas with emphasis on the tipper and mill such as the change of shafts, blades and chains from several years of operation, as well as the instrumentation of new piping systems.

Roberto Hernández

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