Ronera Santa Cruz began to commercialize hydroalcoholic solution.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The workers from the Ronera Santa Cruz began to market a disinfectant solution for hands and surfaces capable of neutralizing Covid-19. The product is made from residues from the manufacture of alcohol.

The General Director of the entity, Andro Abon Mazar, specified that they already have the sanitary registration and that the companies of the territory and the Ministry of Tourism, their main client, have expressed their acceptance due to the effectiveness in the sanitation of the work centers.

Companies can acquire the hydroalcoholic solution through the Cuba Ron marketer located in the Hotel Sommelier located in Havana or through online sales.

Based on an agreement of the Municipal Administration Council, there are flexibilities for the entities of Santa Cruz del Norte. In this case they dispatch it directly from the rum shop sales area.

In this first stage, the new product is sold in bulk. Depending on the levels of acceptance in the domestic market and the increase in demand, they will study the possibility of extending this alternative arising from the pandemic over time.

Nileyan Reyes

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