Ni confianza ni irresponsabilidad: aún convivimos con la COVID19.

Mayabeque, Cuba: You don’t know what you have until it is lost, says a well-known saying that refers to how little we human beings value what we possess, until for some reason it is gone.

And I think about it this morning, as I walk to work and I am surprised by the queue in the shop, the bakery, the bus stop … in short, an endless list of crowds where people seem to forget that having passed to the phase of the new normality, it is not synonymous of trust and irresponsibility, we still live with a disease called COVID-19 and that it can kill.

The media have been repeating for more than seven months, the need to wear the mask face, to distance ourselves at least a meter and a half from each other, to avoid kisses, hugs … and to many, as my grandmother used to say, that’s what it goes into one ear and comes out for the other.

The efforts of the state, the efforts of our health workers to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus are worthless, if each of us, from the individual, does not understand the need to be responsible in these times more than ever.

Many times human beings believe we are immune to everything and the low perception of risk leads us to believe that we are safe from any evil, but COVID-19 has shown that we are very wrong in that sense, and if you do not believe me, stop just a few minutes to analyze the figures that register the contagions and deaths on the planet due to the disease.

Just a quick glance at these statistics will be enough to realize how vulnerable we really are and how little we take care of ourselves and our own, although sometimes we think otherwise.

SARS COV 2, the virus that causes COVID19, has a high transmissibility and is extremely dangerous for our health and integrity, that is why it is necessary to increase responsibility, at least for me a word that takes on more importance these days never.

I am thinking about all that this morning, as I come to work and I observe with concern all those non trustworthy who undoubtedly do not value what they have right now, I hope that when they realize that nothing is worth more than life, it is not too late.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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