La cara fea de la gastronomía en Güines sigue sin una respuesta esperanzadora.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The poor quality of the gastronomy in Güines has accompanied us like a burden, for a long time, I think about this while tired I walk through the streets of this town and I cannot find a state establishment where to quench the thirst caused by the intense heat of these days.

A quick inventory of the many coffee shops we had only a few years ago allows us to realize that the Pearl disappeared like the one of the Tripoli mulberry, the Esquina de Tejas lies like an unstoppable river of fetid waters, the smile became a grimace … and thus an endless list that includes sites that were emblematic at the time such as El Balenario or the Brage.

Not to mention those that, despite adversities, continue to provide services, almost lacking always in quality and varieties, with the exception of the Pizzeria, which with ups and downs remains stable and with a certain quality.

Interested in the subject, I have sought the response of several managers and I almost always receive evasions that are diluted in looking for culprits who, in general, are no longer there, in making responsible the scarcity of resources or repair plans that have not just materialized, but never in assuming the responsibility that corresponds to them and much less in giving a hopeful answer that announces, in the short or medium term, the solution of the problem.

Other municipalities such as Madruga, Bejucal or San José de las Lajas should serve as an example to see how much can be done in terms of gastronomy, with the same resources, but with desire and ingenuity.

That is not to mention other more distant territories such as Cienfuegos or Santiago de Cuba, which are of excellence in the gastronomic services in the country and to which I suppose the resources do not come from another planet.

In short, it is more than proven that reluctance and lack of management are the real culprits of the ugly face that the gastronomy shows today in Güines and that hopefully it will change soon, for the better, with the new decisions that are already reaching some gastronomic centers of our province and who seek to make the options in this sector more profitable, varied and of quality.

Something that those of us who live in Güines look forward to and also deserve the pleasure of sitting down to eat with friends in a restaurant, having a snack in a cafeteria with a variety of products and comfort, or satisfying thirst with a cold soft drink on these days of intense hot in which for some reason we have to go out to retrace the streets of our city.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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