Dayán Triana Figueroa is a young peasant from Quivicán.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Dayán Triana Figueroa, is a 27-year-old young peasant from Quivicán. Committed to the new food strategy developed by the country, this newcomer in the needs of agriculture, behaves like a virtuoso of the land, if in a matter of getting the fruit from his 42 hectares.

After the intense situation experienced by Cuba in terms of supplies and the weather situation, Dayán Triana knows how to move his crops to get the most out of it through his own variants.

“As a producer I try to find the resource, the organic fertilizer, the biological one and innovate. When I normally poured the compost by hand, I poured in a larger quantity. To alleviate this situation, I designed a machine together with my workers, to carry out this task, where we increase efficiency, since the fertilizer goes directly to the trunk of the plantation, and with less we achieve better results than in the past, thanks to this inventiveness ”, he commented.

Working with crop cycles is another of its main strategies, seeking an adequate rotation and interspersing those products most demanded by the population.

“I place it in two parts of the year, there is the contest from September to April, which I dedicate to the crops with more requirements, such as garlic, carrots, tomatoes and beans. And the spring season, I dedicate it to the groves, the meats and the crops that can be intercropped”.

At this time, in his San Ignacio farm, belonging to the José Antonio Echeverría Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), the carrot and garlic are flourishing, in addition to the taro and plantain being harvested, the latter two destined for to the markets both for the capital of the country, as for those of the locality itself, with an approximate of 30 tons per month of each food.

Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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