Mayabeque, Cuba: The youth of today embrace and appreciate the legacy of one of the greatest men that this earth has given. That Fidel of progressive ideas and always looking to the future.

The new generation of Jaruco highlights the imprint of the thought of the Commander in Chief and its validity in the continuity of the Cuban revolutionary process:

“We have to be grateful for Fidel’s legacy because free education and care is something that not all children and youth in the world have”.

“We are grateful and committed to maintaining the achievements and continuing to advance, developing the economy in all sectors to support the progress of the Revolution”.

It was precisely Fidel, that university student who called for the revolutionary struggle to change everything that must be changed and the new pines also left them as a guide that his concept of Revolution endures to always remember that this generation and the one that follows us will walk with a firm step and safe.

Yuniel Rodríguez

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