Listas las condiciones para la arrancada

Mayabeque, Cuba: Preparations continue in Madruga to start the sugar harvest soon, a moment that will be announced by the Base Business Unit (UEB) Boris Luis Santa Coloma with the now traditional start whistle.

Carrying out the grinding test on the industrial machinery made it possible to check all the systems, although the synchronization of the turbo-generators with the national electricity grid remains pending.

UEB workers will carry out a second check with which they will determine or not the start-up of the iron mass, assured Jaime Moro García, Specialist of Maintenance.

The repairs and other actions made in the last stage in the industry were efficient and included changes in various structures with years of exploitation.

The work was extended to the instrumentation of new piping systems and the punctual check of the tipper and mill areas, tasks that will allow a good industrial operation and the fulfillment of the sugar production plan for the harvest corresponding to 2020-2021.

Roberto Hernández

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