La humedad en los suelos retardó la siembra de papa

Mayabeque, Cuba: The cold season in agriculture in this province is progressing favorably, despite the inclement weather of September and October.

The State Director of Agriculture, Juan Carlos Estévez Borges, said that in this segment of the year they have to plant more than 19,600 hectares, which “we have been fulfilling, in September we did it at 101 percent, in October at 91 due to the rainfall we had, which has not been intense, but strong and systematic, but that has not stopped the agricultural activity”.

Another of the consequences of bad weather is breached with the potato campaign. “We have to say that we are at 40 percent, we already have here all imported potatoes, the seed that is going to be sown, we have them all in the piles, we are planting the potato with national seed and we think that we are going to comply with the 1,450 hectares that we have in the campaign plan ”.

“The campaign has been progressing, in recent days the climate has been changing, we did not come from the provinces affected by tropical storm ETA and we believe that we can fulfill the commitment with the country’s leadership.”

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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