“(…) We believe in young people (…) believing in young people means an attitude, believing in young people means a thought”.

                                                                                   Fidel Castro Ruz.

Excerpt from the speech delivered at the closing of the Congress of the Association of Young Rebels, April 4, 1962.

The eternal historical leader had a futuristic image of the new generations. In each of his words, he mentioned youth and considered it the “best raw material of the Homeland, of the Revolution”, as builders and followers of a work that began in 1868.

On the fourth anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Commander in Chief, there is no better tribute than to carry him in thoughts as the promoter of the new clay. Today his legacy is stronger than ever, and is reflected in the active fight against COVID-19, where thousands of young people join this fierce battle.

Fidel became the verb to do of a great generation, who will not let his image fade, on the contrary, in every action committed, in every trench, he will be present.

His proactive work was so great that, in these days in the absence of his physical presence, and when the sanctions by the northern giant are more severe, and its cruel blockade, young people do not allow themselves to be intimidated.

Well, as he made an address in the speech of the central act for the XXIX anniversaries of the Young Communists League and XXX of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, April 3, 1991.

“This Revolution is the Revolution of our people; it is the Revolution of our youth; it is the Revolution of our students. Together we made it. Together we defend it. We are the same thing and we can never stop being so”.

Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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