Mayabeque's photographer obtained mention in the Virtual Iberoamerican Exhibition of Visual Arts.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The work Allegory of the young photographer of Mayabeque Yovanis González Elizalde, obtained mention in the Virtual Ibero-American Exhibition of Visual Arts, based in the city of Holguín.

The work done by this creator has nuances associated with the message that this contest transmits, in times of pandemic, related to women and the use of the mask face, as an attribute to preserve health.

When asked how much of him there is in the work, he replied that there is a large part of his thinking that identifies with his work. From the technical point of view, it uses several elements to convey ideas such as playing with shadows and highlighting warm colors.

The message he wanted to convey with the work was the importance of taking care of each other and acting responsibly despite the new normality that the country is experiencing.

On the link that exists between the title of the exhibition: Above Time and Space and the work carried out, he said that it is an allegory of the current context that humanity is experiencing.

Generally, Yovanis González Elizalde refers to women in many of his works because of the superiority that it confers on them and the sensuality that characterizes them to convey emotions.

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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