Mayabeque farmers are urged to increase production and exports.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque stimulates the increase in agricultural production at the call of the country’s highest leadership to guarantee territorial self-sufficiency and increase exports. This was confirmed by the Vice President of the Republic of Cuba Salvador Valdés Mesa in a tour of entities of economic interest.

The journey began at the Porcine Multiplying Center for raising dark-coated pigs in Santa Cruz del Norte, where he was interested in the productive results and the application of the genetic improvement program of the species through crossbreeding.

This municipality increases the number of agricultural areas and one of them is the Río Blanco Valley, considered one of the natural spaces with the best conditions for the production of bananas, cassava and fruit trees. Of the 483 hectares, formerly planted with cane, 278 are now being prepared for several crops.

To increase sales at borders and in the Mariel Special Development Zone, the commitment of the workers of the plant for the processing of vegetables, viands and vegetables of Santa Cruz del Norte is to produce three tons of quality assortments daily with wide demand in Varadero, Havana and other places.

There Valdés Mesa became interested in the production capacity, raw materials, technological equipment, stability of the workforce and main markets.

In areas of the René O’Reiné de Melena del Sur Credit and Services Cooperative, the Vice President of the Republic of Cuba spoke with the producers about the planting of potatoes, varieties more resistant to climate change, input, employment of biological media and links with scientific centers.

In the municipality of Güines, he spoke with producers of onions, beans, bananas, papaw, guava and other foods on the Gamarra and Rinconada farms.

In these places he learned about the preparation of the soils, the varieties that they cultivate, their destinations and disposition to guarantee local self-sufficiency.

The itinerary through this Mayabeque territory included the Basic Production Unit 50th Anniversary of Playa Girón where they obtain seeds for the production of medicines.

The Cuban vice president called on the peasants at La Luisa farm in the Urban Farm of San José de las Lajas to raise yields and contribute to agricultural development through the export of pumpkins of the orange mass variety and sweet potatoes of proven quality.

At the end of this day, he participated in an exchange with leaders of the government, administration and agriculture where he specified the need to increase food production for the people, promote local development and import substitution.

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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