Tribute to Cuban doctors.

At the nine o’clock cannon, a symbol of the people of Havana, another notice was added since March 11 that will transcend as the first, as a result of the beauty and human nature of its origin.

From the balconies, portals, gardens and televisions the wave of applause is chained across seas and continents in a message of solidarity for those who in the midst of fear, loneliness, uncertainty and distance fight for the lives of their fellow men.

It is the grateful applause that travels gigantic, magnanimous, from the big city or from the simplest of neighborhoods like mine. Some with the committed family message to the wife, mother, daughter, or grandmother.

Others like me clap their hands like a hug born in the soul from a distance to this army of earthly angels and very Cuban dressed in white coats, armed with thermometers and dreams.

I did it last night on the eve of this December 3, Latin American Medicine Day and 187th Anniversary of the birth of Carlos Juan Finlay, a prominent Cuban epidemiologist.

Together with the eminent professional, we will pay tribute to that Army in White Coats, who carry their message of love, science and solidarity to the world.

At nine o’clock with the people of my neighborhood I will applaud as every night, but even louder in honor of those heroes than in times of imperial aggression, of dissemination of opinion matrices containing falsehood, amid the fear that makes them more human, saturated with restlessness and doubts of the incomprehension that those who cannot bear the light sow and make them the target of irrational hatred, they persist obstinately in their work of love in favor of life.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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