MLC Wholesale Store Improve Offers to the Non-state Sector in Mayabeque

Mayabeque, Cuba: The group of workers from the MLC wholesale store of the Cimex Mayabeque Branch works on the installation of a refrigerated container to ensure the quality of the products and expand the supply of food to the non-state sector.

At the end of the work they will be able to keep in this place notable quantities of high demand merchandise for the food processing activity, considered the most accredited and with the highest purchase volumes, the commercial specialist of the establishment, Fernando Jiménez Taguada, said.

They also market a variety of canned or preserved products in the institution, as well as wholesale format toilets and disposable items to facilitate home delivery from non-state cafeterias and restaurants and to strictly comply with hygienic-sanitary measures. Jiménez Taguada added the great acceptance in the market of hardware accessories and the recent incorporation of tires and electric tricycles that will be on sale in the coming days.

Ineibys Marrero García

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