Refuerzan medidas sanitarias en Güines ante muy compleja situación epidemiológica.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Public Health Authorities in Güines reinforce health actions by assessing the very complex epidemiological situation caused by the new coronavirus.

The Deputy Director of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the municipality, Dr. Analeidis Leal Trujillo, specifies that there are currently 33 open source controls.

Of these, 14 belong to the Luis Li Trijent Polyclinic in the northern area, 16 to the Marta Martínez in the southern area and 3 to the Osvaldo Sánchez Popular Council.

Since the pandemic began, the territory has accumulated 176 cases and since November they have registered 167.

Forecasts to reduce infestation rates due to the pandemic are based on the rigor of the investigation to detect suspected or asymptomatic cases in a timely manner and compliance with hygienic measures.

Leal Trujillo added that there are currently 358 patients under surveillance and 47 active cases. Three of them are imported.

Of the active cases, three are from the Osvaldo Sánchez Popular Council, four from El Cangre, six from Catalina and the rest come from the urban area.

In this way, they guarantee effective control of compliance with medical provisions to retain the outbreak of Covid-19.

The Deputy Director of Hygiene and Epidemiology added that at this moment there are 68 patients without symptoms admitted to the isolation room enabled at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Mayabeque. Of them 12 belong to the municipality of Güines.

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