Mejora situación epidemiológica en Bainoa.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In a TaxisCuba another young woman arrived in Bainoa this Tuesday morning, after overcoming Covid-19 and now there are 22 people recovered from coronavirus in that Popular Council, described as the epicenter of the pandemic in the municipality of Jaruco.

The President of the Bainoa-Casiguas demarcation, Juliana Rosquesa, reported that 3 people still remain hospitalized, a woman and a young man, both over 30 years of age and a 15-year-old adolescent who shows satisfactory medical evolution.

The highest government authority in the area added that 15 families remain isolated in Bainoa who were contacts with the positive cases of the Coronavirus.

When asked if more cases of Covid-19 could be detected, Juliana Rosquesa replied that PCR test results are still awaited and strict epidemiological surveillance is maintained on people who were contacts of positive cases.

The President of the Popular Council urged all the inhabitants to comply with the measures directed by the Defense Council in Jaruco, including the restriction of movement to and from that town and called not to hide information that could further compromise the epidemiological situation in Bainoa .

From January to date, 24 positive cases for Covid-19 have been diagnosed in that territory.

Yuniel Rodríguez Chávez

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