It was known in advance that the implementation of the Ordering Task would bring changes in the prices of goods and services offered by the state sector and on its own account, which, based on the suggestion of the population, are continuously reviewed.

Despite this, dissatisfaction remains, as expressed by some residents of San José de las Lajas. Most are aware that as wages rise, price changes are logical.

Many of the capital’s residents trust that some aspects will continue to be reviewed in both forms of management, but all agree that in most cases they should do a review.

As part of this complex process and based on the contraventions detected, the integral supervision department carries out systematic controls. Surprise tours continue in order to review the price lists that must be visible to the client and fulfilled as agreed.

Similarly, the application of Decree Law number 30 is perfected, through which fines can be imposed, depending on the violation.

In San José de las Lajas, in addition to this action and the application of current regulations, there is a warning about compliance with the provisions of the law in order to protect the population from abusive and speculative prices.

Yuniel Rodríguez Chávez

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