Taking care of ourselves and the rest is a fundamental premise to preserve life in times of pandemic, however, a great considerable group of people continues without understanding that the Sarscov 2 virus and its new strain are out of control.

Every day in the country, the number of positive cases increases, now with emphasis on children, adolescents and young people, but everything indicates that they ignore compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures, the correct use of the mask face, the social distancing and the application of disinfectant substances, among others that many people know, but still do not fully comply. 

It is true that fear lurks, but those who have not lived close to bitter experiences related to Covid-19 do not care to keep their children at home. It is not about being bored and wanting to go out and play hide and seek because the one who seeks always finds.

So I have seen them on the Boulevard, in Leguina, the Reparto, in neighborhoods behind the General Hospital, and other places where they think nobody sees them.

However, there are those who appreciate the situation from their portal, others call them to order, but: where are their relatives?

Why do they allow them to play outside their homes trying to make sure the virus takes care of them provoking bad times that can cost them their lives or leave sequels?

Then fear, uncertainty, and the dilemma that Raulito was coming to look for him appeared, Amanda called her through the window to go out on an errand, Tere and her cousin under the care of their grandparents so that the parents could work they also sneaked out while the elderly took a nap, in short, the case is not reduced to looking for a culprit in the middle of the situation.

It is about not causing harm, to take care of yourself and others. To gain responsibility, maintain discipline, and avoid the spread of the virus.

Pregnant women, or those who go out with the baby, are not exempt from getting the Covid -19, not only to medical consultations, I have seen them breastfeed the little ones on park benches, they also queue in stores where it exists agglomeration of people, do not take into account physical distancing, and fail to comply with other sanitary hygiene measures.

In times when the virus takes over the world as we never imagined, new strains are identified and scientists and researchers work tirelessly to obtain vaccines, we cannot expect this to be the immediate solution to a virus out of control, for now it is worth taking care of ourselves and our own.

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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