Mayabeque, Cuba: The Educate Your Child Program in Batabanó ensures that our children receive their own educational guidance for this stage of life.

The formation of the little ones is today the priority of family orientation, guaranteeing that infants receive the activities programmed at home through their parents, due to the current epidemiological situation caused by Covid 19.

In addition to the educational television broadcast, dedicated to early childhood by the educational channel, in the educational centers of Batabanó, complying with the sanitary measures established in the face of the pandemic, preschool teachers guide the relatives once a week, where parents have the opportunity to express their concerns, and learn about teaching methods.

Maite Esteves, the Municipal Methodologist of the Educate Your Child Social Program in Batabanó, highlighted that for the child population from 0 to 5 years of age who do not attend children’s institutions, the promoters disseminate and guide the main educational activities through educational messages in the social networks and exchanges with the parents.

Taking care of the health of our children in the face of the increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in our country, is a task of the first order, the methodologist added, in view of this situation the educational sector guarantees that the little ones receive knowledge and learning from home at this stage of life, where the family assumes an important role today.

Katiuka Luzardo Cordero, from that institution, highlighted that early childhood professionals in Batabanó take on the challenge of successfully developing the educational program planned for the current school period, and responsibly comply with all the guidelines to ensure for the health of the little ones from each of the classrooms.

Children’s circles intensify sanitary hygiene measures to avoid covid19, and continue the beautiful work of teaching.

Taking care of the health of our girls and boys in the presence of the pandemic today when there is a decline in the disease in our country is one of the priorities of children’s institutions in Cuba, which continue to be open and under strict hygienic standards.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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