Lifestyles must go hand in hand with healthy conditions.

Health is essential in human life; therefore, lifestyles must go hand in hand with healthy conditions that allow man to fully live.

The current pandemic that the world is experiencing requires these living conditions, but with greater rigor, given the urgent need to stop the high level of contagion of Covid-19, due to its easy transmission.

There are many preventive measures in this regard, and they all count. The constant individual and collective hygiene, the protection of the nose and mouth with a mask face, the distance between people and the disinfection of common areas, among others, constitute irreplaceable actions at the present time.

To this must be added the responsibility of each and the social demand to combat indiscipline that may lead to contagion with the disease. To traditional lifestyles, today we add the rigor that the present demands to preserve human health, with an emphasis on vulnerable groups that require greater care, due to the danger posed by comorbidities and contagion with the new coronavirus

Roberto Hernández

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