Let's support the dedication and commitment of our doctors and scientists.

Cuba has spent a year of constant battle for life translated into lively combat and the adoption of severe measures, precautions and obligations of each citizen with the health of others.

However, in the midst of the constant effort of an entire country, social indiscipline grows like weeds and hinders the path to success.

Responsibility is a duty that from every neighborhood must be according to the moment. Of course, in the effectiveness of all health measures to face the pandemic, but also in pointing out all the negative attitudes of those who make it more difficult to access products of any kind, those who take advantage of the situation to harm people the population and improve.

Our decision to combat indiscipline begins in the neighborhood. It is the right and duty of all to safeguard the means that the State puts at our disposal, to create a collective conscience of the necessary discipline.

The call continues to be to be more responsible and energetic in the face of wrongdoing, to defend everything that has brought us here and that makes us a benchmark for many peoples of the world.

Specifically in the confrontation with Covid-19, let us support the dedication and commitment of our doctors and scientists and of all those who from other fronts also fight to preserve the health of the people in the midst of a complex scenario aggravated by the intensification of the blockade imposed by the United States to the Cuban people.

Combating social indiscipline is also a guarantee duty for security and collective tranquility to definitively win this battle against Covid-19 and return to the new normal.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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