Mayabeque, Cuba: The peasants of the Camilo Cienfuegos Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA), from Madruga, deserved the 60th anniversary status of the Small Farmers Association (ANAP).

This recognition praises the work of this group for its results in food production, as confirmed by the member of the Provincial Bureau of ANAP in Mayabeque, Miguel Núñez Tamayo.

“The CPA has its agricultural module and all the conditions, in addition to a grassroots organization”, Núñez Tamayo said.

The purpose is to increase yields to favor the Ordering Task implemented by the country, the president of the cooperative Bárbaro Rodríguez said.

Agriculture today faces one of the main tasks of the nation in the face of economic and social development.

The ANAP celebrates sixty years on May 17, with the commitment to reduce imports and contribute to food sovereignty. For this they count on grassroots organizations such as the Camilo Cienfuegos Agricultural Production Cooperative, from Madruga, where the daily effort translates into more food for the people.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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