Researcher at the Institute of Animal Science, Bárbara Rodríguez Sánchez.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Science in Mayabeque will be represented at the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), to be held from April 16 to 19.

On the activities prior to this conclave, expectations and more, we exchanged with one of the delegates of the province to this appointment, the researcher from the Institute of Animal Science, Bárbara Rodríguez Sánchez.

Journalist: The 8th Congress of the PCC will take place on a historic date with the leading role of a new generation. What does it mean to you to represent Mayabeque in this event?

Bárbara Rodríguez Sánchez: We will represent the people of Mayabeque and specifically the scientific community of the province. It is a privilege and at the same time a commitment to bring to this great event the experiences derived from the previous debates held at the base during the balance process.

Contribute to the debate on the strategy of introducing scientific results to boost the economy. Also, transfer the commitment of Mayan scientists with the territorial development and the country.

J: What are the main activities carried out in greeting to the congress?

BRS: We have had several working sessions for our preparation. Morning meetings and volunteer work were carried out. On Sunday we also participated in the event for the call to celebrate the International Workers’ Day with the central motto United: We Make Cuba

J: What do you expect from this partisan appointment?

BRS: This appointment is going to be historic, in it we will show the commitment of the new generations to the continuity of the revolutionary process, to maintain the social goals achieved and advance the economic development of the country.

It will be as usual intense sessions and in-depth analysis of the issues that will allow us not only to evaluate where we are, but to perfect our work to continue advancing, especially with the leadership of our only Party that guarantees unity of action with the people.

In the call for the conclave, allusion is made to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic put the capacity and will of the Revolution to the test, together with the organizational capacity of the country and the scientific development achieved, translated into visible results that they demonstrate the commitment to the life and well-being of our compatriots and other peoples.

J: How do you assess the response of the Mayabeque researchers in the confrontation with Covid-19 and in the battle to achieve food sovereignty?

BRS: It would be unfair to mention sectors that are devoted to confronting the pandemic because each one from their mission has contributed, however there are palpable results from our scientists in the province that are used as part of the protocols against Covid-19, as well as in the accurate diagnosis.

In the same way, work has been done with greater integration in the province for the development of productive poles in close connection with science, which contributes to the battle for food sovereignty, as well as greater territorial development.

Lilian Reyna

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