Measures in favor of agricultural producers.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Cuban government approved and announced in the last hours a package of measures in favor of agricultural producers, excellent news that transcends its economic and social impact.

It is proof of the state’s will to pave the way towards a prosperous and sustainable agriculture in harmony with the environment, to contribute to the increase in food, from the attention to the men and women who cultivate the land.

That the development of agriculture is considered as a national security activity is the best expression of how decisive it is for the stability of the country.

These measures represent in themselves a frank exercise of socialist democracy because they are the result of a process of exchange with the producers at the base where the nation beats.

The peasant spoke and was listened to, it also reveals the transforming spirit of the Ordering Task, where the debate of ideas for the greater good that is the development of Cuba finds total space.

To change the current panorama in the shortest possible time, nuanced by high prices and the lack of agricultural products, these measures should contribute to increase yields.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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