Mayabeque, Cuba: With the delivery of recognition to outstanding workers and cadres of the headquarters of the Municipal Committee of the Party, the 60th anniversary of the declaration of the socialist character of the Revolution was commemorated in Madruga.

Diplomas were awarded to those who accumulate between 5 and 35 years of uninterrupted work in this political body that brings together the vanguard of the people.

The meeting ratified the commitment to guarantee the historical continuity of our political process and the certainty that the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), which begins today, will be another victory for our people like that of Girón 60 years ago.

The member of the Rigoberto Rizo Maldonado Sudden Workshop, Adriana Fajardo Pérez, declared decimas of her authorship, At the Gates of the Congress:

At the gates of Congress

Today it’s time to recognize

Every man and woman

Committed to progress.

There is pride in excess,

Marti dreams vibrate.

Sovereign ideals

Shine with infinite light

When the Cuban communists

Come to their appointment

Maria Amalia Pérez

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