Mayabeque, Cuba: The collection of solid waste, the cleaning of streets and avenues, as well as the mitigation of micro-dumps are the main tasks in San Nicolás together with the Base Business Unit (UEB) Comunales, as part of the environmental actions in the eve of May Day.

This is confirmed by the first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the locality, Amaury López Alfonso, who, together with the Defense Council, assumes the beautification and cleaning actions of the main areas of the urban zone and the settlements.

Despite the epidemiological conditions caused by Covid-19, the community work team and the main administrative sectors reinforce the restoration work in emblematic areas of our town.

Voluntary work in each workplace, the contribution to hygiene in the community and the control of social indiscipline are some of the strategies to eradicate contamination.

It is necessary to instill in the population the responsibility to maintain the care of the environment.

The health authorities demand awareness of the damage caused by citizen irresponsibility with regard to neglect of the environment.

Asarys Posada

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