El 50 por ciento de la alimentación se produce en áreas cercanas.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In the first quarter of the year, the workers of the Dark Skin Porcine Multiplying Center, belonging to the Santa Cruz del Norte Agricultural Company, achieved more than 200 births in the first quarter of the year and delivered 256 specimens, distributed in the productive structures of Valle Elena, Cuncuní and El Rubio.

In the period they also commercialized 98 pigs for pig entities of Mayabeque and Camagüey.

The farm currently has 189 Creole producers and 15 stallions of the Duroc Jersey breed, whose crossing averages seven pups per parturition.

With the aim of guaranteeing more than 50 percent of the animal feed, the collective of the Dark Skin Porcine Multiplying Center began planting protein plants and cassava in the surrounding areas.

Nileyan Reyes Miranda

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