Creación de cortinas contra fuegos.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The silviculture treatment and the recovery of nurseries today constitute tasks that occupy the forest workers of Madruga.

In the current dry season in which the fire-fighting campaign is taking place, the group formed more than 60 nurseries with fruit and timber tree stands and transplanted various areas suitable for the development of settlements.

The Head of the Forest Corps of Madruga, Ángel Sosa, specifies that in addition to silvicultural treatments, forest workers build fire breaking trails with which almost 50 hectares were protected, taking into account the current dry period, prone to the appearance of fires.

The manual clearing of the weeds, the planting of robust plants and the reinforcement of preventive surveillance, complement the tasks of the group of forest workers in a municipality with a large wooded area of ​​particular economic and environmental importance.

Roberto Hernández

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