World Mental Health Day.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Cuban Women Federation (FMC in Spanish) in San Nicolás and the group of Psychologists from the Specialized Center supported the day in commemoration of World Mental Health Day.

The venue for the meeting was the Segundo Díaz Prado Pre-University Institute (IPU) and was conducive to the exchange between specialists and students on the treatment of gender violence and cases of mental disorder with suicide attempt in the municipality.

The psychologist of the mental health institution, Yanielis Martínez, explained that despite the fact that in the town this year there is no self-attack by patients with clinical pictures of mental imbalance; she assures that violence between families has increased.

At the event, a support group was created made up of women health specialists and former victims of domestic violence that, together with the group from the center, is aimed at dealing with this type of situation.

Their objective is to guide the population on the prevention and defense of life in the community itself to establish a safe coexistence.

Asary Posada Hernández

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