President of Cuba indicates transformation in vulnerable communities.

Havana, Cuba: The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, praised today the work of the authorities in vulnerable communities in the country where houses, schools and other structures with high socio-cultural impact are being built.

“In dozens of disadvantaged communities they work intensely. Houses, streets, parks, doctors’ offices, schools, faces, change their appearance. Locals and souls are repaired”, the president wrote on his Twitter account.

“Socialist companies take up the inevitable social responsibility that characterizes them in our development model,” he explained.

Díaz-Canel recently called for the systematization of transformation actions in 62 communities considered vulnerable in this capital and to strengthen the work to improve the quality of life of the population.

Although the country does not have all the necessary resources, there are some oriented in the budget to social programs that must be prioritized based on direct dialogue with citizens, he added.

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