Cuban-American activist Carlos Lazo, founder of Bridges of Love project.

Washington: The Bridges of Love project demanded that its image not be used to lie or confuse its followers after a false call for a march in Cuba was spread in its name.

Cuban-American Carlos Lazo, leader of this initiative organized in the United States, affirmed Monday in his social networks that irresponsible and evil people are trying to mix them with objectives other than his organization’s objectives.

From its creation to the present, Bridges of Love has had only one goal; to demand the lifting of the U.S. blockade on Cuba and ask President Joe Biden to remove the sanctions against the Cuban family imposed by former President Donald Trump, Lazo said.

He reiterated that his project seeks to reopen Washington’s embassy in Havana, restore the family reunification program, send remittances to Cuba, and request permission for U.S. airlines to fly to different provinces of the Caribbean country.

In addition, among its purposes is to eliminate the prohibitions for Americans to travel to the island and establish scientific and economic cooperation ties between the peoples of both nations.

These and only these are the objectives of Bridges of Love, said its founder, who pointed out that these petitions, backed by 27,000 signatures delivered to the White House, are the reason for its caravans and activities.

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