Cuban residents in Panama for more solidarity with their homeland.

Panama: Love, unity, commitment and condemnation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States government against Cuba set the guidelines of the Marti’s Association of Cuban Residents in Panama (AMCRP).

According to Prensa Latina in a statement issued the day before, during its tenth meeting, the group made clear the duty to defend the Island’s social conquests, wherever they are, and to censor the sanctions that have been imposed on the family for more than 60 years.

“We denounce that the blockade attacks the most elementary human rights of the Cuban people and curtails the right of citizens and countries of the world to their free determination to trade with Cuba,” the text refers.

For this reason, Amcrp urges all governments, social, political and religious organizations to speak out against it in each event, forum or opportune space.

It assures that the restoration in 2015 of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, a positive step described by all, today is increasingly clouded by the unjustified and ill-intentioned maneuvers of the current White House administration, which tries to please the wing more reactionary of the “anti-Cuban mafia”.

The text also rejects the manifestations of hatred and violence of certain sectors of the Cuban community abroad, which the Amcrp faces in Panama, as well as “the policy of media lynching against exponents of culture” or countrymen who “do not comply with the hate speech”.

Likewise, it disapproves the calls for “humanitarian” interventions and interference in the internal affairs of the Caribbean nation; on the contrary, we will continue asking for love, solidarity and not bombs and invasions.

Amcrp supports the current process of dialogue between the Government of the island and all sectors of society, in order to guarantee a climate of peace and generate ideas that contribute to the achievement of the sovereign nation, social justice, solidarity and prosperity through the one we aspire to.

Among the activities carried out by the group in 2021, the incorporation to the global campaign Puentes de Amor, which emerged in the United States, and the realization of several automobile caravans through central avenues of this capital to demand the cessation of the financial, economic and commercial US siege stand out. .

Likewise, the Cubans residing in the Isthmus joined in the collection of funds for the purchase of syringes and other medical supplies destined for the health centers of Cuba, engaged in combating the worst health crisis remembered by humanity in the last century due to to Covid-19.

Donations totaled 9 million syringe kits and 20,000 doses of drugs, mostly antibiotics, among other materials and accessories such as gowns, hats, gloves, dialysis bags, masks and rapid antigen tests.

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