Saving: everyone's job.

The culture of savings in Cuba cannot be circumstantial, but rather a premise in individual and collective actions, as the national economy faces a criminal blockade of more than sixty years.

In the particular case of the electric energy, saving does not mean stopping its use, but rather optimizing it, which is the cause of spending millions of dollars each year in the country.

The difficult energy situation is accentuated in the current context in line with the persistent economic crisis.

The increase in breakdowns in thermoelectric plants and the difficulties in obtaining the resources required to solve them, tighten the rope of the national electricity system and cause a lack of power in homes.

Faced with this worrying situation, the Cuban State looks for alternatives and dedicates enormous efforts to improve generation capacity, but everyone’s support for saving is essential.

From the houses, measures dedicated to this end can be implemented, such as the efficient use of household appliances, not turning on the lights unnecessarily, carrying out the activities with the highest consumption outside peak hours, among many other initiatives that must become daily practice.

In the state area, saving measures are also essential to support the country. It is an act of individual and collective conscience, of unity in order to alleviate the tensions suffered by the national electrical energy system.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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