Mayabeque, Cuba: The main challenge of the El Caribe appliance workshop in Batabanó is to serve customers, try to please them and provide a stable service despite having few resources.

“As a result of the shortage of products and the difficulties with the transportation of merchandise, we try to do our job, the best possible so that the client leaves satisfied, we also carry out maintenance and early solution to the problems presented”, declared the integral mechanic, Bernardo Valdés Echeverría.

The satisfaction of the population depends on the ingenuity and skill of the workers of the unit, since innovation is present on many occasions, the adaptation of spare parts is the safest resource today in the center.

“We cannot fail to recognize that we have difficulties with spare parts, but we always work with the maximum willingness to comply with our day to day,” added Valdés Echeverría.

Despite the slight increase in prices, the residents have no complaints and leave satisfied with the service provided.

Covid 19 did not stop the workshop’s activities despite affecting many workers in the center during the most difficult moments of the pandemic in the territory.

With the rotation of the technicians in the popular councils, the entity kept its doors open and today it is resuming with force the attention to the population. (YQR)

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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