Mayabeque, Cuba: “Along the paths of history” is the name of the activity prepared by the José Luis García de San Nicolás Municipal Library, in greeting to the Camilo-Che day.

The expository literary event will last until next Tuesday and is in charge of the technique María Elena López with the promotion of the book “Abanderados del Futuro”, a praise to the Commanders in the days of the beginning of the Revolution.

On the other hand, the group of creators Umbral Sur together with the participants of the literary workshop dedicated to Camilo and Che a recital of decimas with works created especially for the occasion.

The event has the participation of Yasmín Sierra and the young poet, Jansuel Ardana Cabrera, renowned writers in the territory, who provided a worthy tribute to these figures of all time.

Until the culmination of the event, the exhibition “Forever Commanders” will be held in the installation itself, with samples of books, brochures, images and magazines that accumulate the combative and ideological work of both leaders during their existence.

Asary Posada Hernández

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