Empresa Agropecuaria "Rubén Martínez Villena" garantiza productos a mercado estatal de Madruga

Mayabeque, Cuba: “Rubén Martínez Villena” Agricultural Company, from Madruga, combines its cultivation and attention to the plantations tasks with the harvest of short-cycle products in this cold season to supply the municipality’s state market.

According to information from Yulisley Casañas Acosta, head of production of the entity, about a ton of meats, grains and vegetables was distributed in the territory, since last September, to satisfy social food projects and the demands of the marketing through the five points of sale located in the four Popular Councils of the demarcation.

According to the manager, the degree of satisfaction of the population is still insufficient, in terms of the variety and quantity of products on offer, so they are working to reach 30 pounds per capita, guided by the highest management of the country.

“The surveys carried out at this stage show better conditions in achieving a balance between supply and demand, but we must work more in that sense,” he argued.

To strengthen the productive chain in the municipality, they specify contracts with the mini-industries of the municipality, as well as with the projects and development of fingerlings, in order to increase the sales of products derived from fruit trees and the meat offers marketed in the territory.

Roberto Hernández

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