Mayabeque, Cuba: Vaccination against the Covid-19 virus is progressing successfully in Mayabeque.

According to doctor,René Rodríguez Feo Cou, Institutional Communicator of the Provincial Directorate of Public Health, to date 96.4 percent of the population of the territory already has the first dose of a vaccine, either Abdala or Sovereign 02.

With the second dose already applied, there is 86.3 percent and with the third, 73.9, all for a complete scheme of 64.4 percent of the population immunized or in process.

Likewise, the curve of infections by Covid-19 in the territory has decreased considerably, which shows the effectiveness of immunogens as well as the awareness of the population.

Rodriguez Feo Cou also calls not to trust and comply with all the measures established in order to achieve protection against the virus for all people. (YQR)

Yadira Montero

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