Seminar for teachers of repentismo and traditional music.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Next Thursday, November 4, at the Casa de la Décima of Mayabeque “Francisco Riverón” a seminar for the teachers of the traditional peasant music workshops will be held.

For logistics reasons, the methodology will be oriented in a single day and the instructors who participate will be offered the endorsement that will allow them to teach the classes.

From its name, the institution is a tribute to the poet, repentista, lyrical, decimista, musical composer and director of radio and television programs, born in Güines on April 2, 1917, and who died in Havana on January 13, 1975. The Casa de la Décima de Mayabeque was founded on September 30, 2009 on the eighty-seventh anniversary of the birth of the Jesús Orta Ruiz National Prize for Literature, El Indio Naborí, a date chosen as the Ibero-American Day of the Tenth.

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