Bogotá: The XXX Meeting of the Colombian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (MCSC) continues today with participatory spaces where the fundamental axis will be the fight against the blockade imposed by the United States on the Caribbean country, Prensa Latina publishes.

This Monday the event was inaugurated, which takes place in a virtual and face-to-face way, and where an international forum with young people from the continent stood out, whose participants expressed their support for the cause of the Cuban Revolution.

Nubia Contreras, who shares the pro tempore presidency of the Movement with Gustavo Rojas, stressed that, during this year of responsibility towards the Colombian community, she learned to share experiences with the rest of the world and to join any initiative of solidarity with Cuba.

She stressed that the MCSC is aware of the campaign that is being promoted throughout the world whose objective is to distort the reality of the Cuban people.

These 30 years of meetings have served for an exchange of truthful information that makes it possible to publicize the advances and achievements of the Revolution.

During this week of activities in the context of the XXX Meeting, we will explain what he has done and is doing for the peoples of the world and what this internationalist solidarity means.

Contreras stressed that in more than 60 years of the Revolution there have been many insults against that country and its process of changes in favor of the majorities, in particular the blockade imposed by the United States and intensified in the last year of crisis by the Covid -19 pandemic.

On her part, Aura Pareja Benítez, a member of the Casa Caribe de Solidaridad, a corporation domiciled in Barranquilla, also told Prensa Latina that these 30 years have served to strengthen and thank internationalism and humanity spread throughout Cuba.

She pointed out that there are still many challenges, such as further strengthening the Movement, fighting against the inhuman blockade, and making visible all that is positive about the Cuban revolutionary process.

On behalf of the Casa Caribe, he reaffirmed the ties of brotherhood with the people of the Caribbean island and reiterated his gratitude for the support of Cuba to many nations in various areas, particularly in Health, especially in the face of the pandemic.

Yesterday the solidarity meeting was inaugurated with the projection of the video Yunior García Aguilera, political operator at the service of the United States against Cuba, which unmasks the actions to subvert the constitutional order in the Antillean nation.

Two international forums with young people from the continent (Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Panama and Venezuela) also took place at the meeting in Cali, Valle del Cauca department, who expressed the need to continue the struggle until the end of the blockade against the Caribbean country.

In the same way, they analyzed the media campaigns to discredit the nations that fight for their self-determination.

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