Restart of the school year this November 15 in Cuba.

Mayabeque, Cuba: About 2,200 students in Madruga will rejoin the teaching-educational process in the municipality since this November 15.

With the resumption of the school year face to face and after a stage of educational activities supported by teleclasses, the students of the territory will return to the classrooms to receive the contents, which will be taught by more than fifty teachers.

As confirmed by the Directorate of Education in Madruga, the enthusiasm of students and families multiplies with the return of the students to the classrooms.

The terminal grades of the municipality’s secondary education report the use of classes, after almost a month and a half of the school year.

In total, about three thousand students in the territory will be part of the educational and teaching activities, attending to the corresponding school grades, whether primary, secondary, pre-university and students of technical-professional education.

Roberto Hernández

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