Ezequiel Díaz Rivero, a great revolutionary from Melena del Sur.

Neither the 81 years lived, nor the blows of a deteriorated health, have been able to end with the excellence, the will, nor with the incorruptible character of Ezequiel Díaz Rivero, a complete revolutionary, who very early defined the course of his ideas and his commitment to what that for him is the most sacred.

Faced with the campaigns that try to demonize the social system chosen by Cubans, there is the practice, which is the criterion of truth, that this man of slow and convinced speaking refers.

Regarding the much-announced protests, on a day when our streets will be dressed in the colors of the flag, typical of the restart of classes interrupted by the pandemic, the old revolutionary, clasping his hands in a characteristic gesture, comments:

“It is illegal, and it contravenes what is stated in the Magna Carta and I do not believe that anyone can go against the Constitution of a country without consequences, this is fundamentally sponsored by the God of money.”

There is a lot of truth in Ezequiel Díaz Rivero, whom the Melenero people admire and respect. There is also the question of why, I only intuit it.

The discretion, the discipline, which has allowed him not to disappoint anyone or himself, the love for his wife, the dear teacher Clarita, and the intransigence for a cause and his patriotic values, endorsed in one sentence:

“Very happy is the man who embraces such a progressive idea as Socialism and the Cuban Revolution,” said Ezequiel.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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