Mayabeque, Cuba: This November 15, children begin to attend primary schools and the country will open to tourism. A date of celebration that some will try to ruin.

The residents of Güines will be alert to prevent the counterrevolutionaries from invading the tranquility of the citizens:

“It is a special day for all Cuba, the restart of the school year, all revolutionaries feel immense satisfaction that children can find a place of joy in their usual setting.”

“The defenders of socialism are going to give a Yes for the Revolution, it will be a moment of unity and here we will be in one way or another fulfilling our mission, I think if we can put our hearts into it.”

“This day will be a joyous day, as our president ratified, and no one is going to spoil the party for us. Therefore, the call is to be on the street, each one fulfilling his functions and saying a Yes to the Revolution ”.

Today, November 15, the people of Mayabeque celebrates the return of the students to the classrooms and the reopening of Cuba to tourism, because the streets belong to the revolutionaries.

Suli Mary Carrasco Fonte

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