Mayabeque, Cuba: A bio-healthy gym was inaugurated in the Vostok neighborhood, of the Popular Council of Jamaica in San José de las Lajas, for the practice of outdoor exercises and raising the quality of life of different age groups.

With this they add 28 in Mayabeque. The area has equipment to work on coordination, elasticity and mobility of the body, to help reduce stress levels, delay aging and increase life expectancy.

The provincial director of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) in this province, Rolando Quiñones Álvarez, explained to the press that this was a claim of the inhabitants of the area and today they achieved the desire to have it to fully enjoy of sports practice and the consequent benefit for people’s physical and mental health.

There you can perform multiple activities with children, young people to strengthen muscles and bones, as well as for adults to improve balance and gain confidence to carry out their daily tasks.

In these gyms they can do rehabilitation treatments, and others to reduce heart problems, osteoporosis, cholesterol and other diseases.

Sports practice in Cuba is a right of every people.

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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